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Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is the composition of the alloy that gives the steel its level of mechanical resistance. Carbon is the main element used to "harden" iron, and other elements such as silicon, manganese and phosphorus also participate in this resistance adjustment.

All this process usually happens in the second phase of steel production, when the elements of the alloy are added or removed from the pig iron.

The amount of carbon is that it defines the classification of the steel, being: low carbon for those with a maximum of 0.30% carbon, medium carbon for those with between 0.3 and 0.6% of the element and high carbon for those with between 0.6 and 1%.

What is carbon steel used for?
Carbon steel will have different applications according to the type, some uses being:

Low carbon: it has as characteristic the high tenacity and ductility, but presents low hardness and resistance. In general, it is machinable and weldable and has a low production cost and is not usually heat treated. It can be used in structural profiles, automobile plates, civil construction, plates for the production of tubes, among others.

Medium carbon: exhibits higher strength and lower toughness and ductility when compared to low carbon steel. However, this steel already has enough carbon to receive heat treatment, however, in order to be effective, cooling must be done at high rates and in thin sections. It is used in gears, wheels and railway equipment, among others that need high mechanical resistance.

High carbon: it is the one that presents greater hardness and resistance, but with less ductility. In general, this carbon steel is used tempered or tempered, with good cutting wire maintenance properties. Can be used on saw blades, hammers, knives and chisels.

Why choose MB Group for the production of carbon steel parts?
At MB Group you will find highly trained professionals and cutting edge technology for casting parts into any material, all with the guarantee of an end product according to your needs.

And this can only be guaranteed because we have a rigorous quality control, with specific laboratories for the tests in the cast or machined parts.

If you are looking for a quality company and recognized in the market for the quality of its service, MB Group is your main choice. Come and talk to us and find out how we can help you.

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