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Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a type of steel that contains at least 10.5% chromium, thus ensuring a balanced chemical composition and better resistance to corrosion.

Corrosion is the natural "enemy" of metals. In ordinary steels, a reaction occurs with the oxygen of the air, which forms a superficial layer of iron oxide.

This layer is very porous and allows the continuous oxidation of the steel, leading to corrosion, popularly known as rust.

In stainless steel there is the formation of an extremely thin, stable, continuous and very resistant layer, created by the combination of the oxygen of the air with the chromium of the steel, protecting the stainless steel from the corrosion of the environment.

What are the main characteristics of stainless steel?
In addition to the corrosion resistance, stainless steel has other important characteristics, such as:

Adequate mechanical resistance;
Ease of cleaning;
Low surface roughness;
Resistance to high temperatures;
Low maintenance cost;
Recyclable material;
Resistance to sudden changes in temperature;
Inert material;
Surface finishes and various shapes;
Resistance to cryogenic temperatures (below 0ºC).

What are the main types of stainless steel?

They are the largest, both in terms of alloys and use. They can not be hardened by heat treatments, and therefore have a restricted carbon level.

Depending on the nickel content added to this steel it is possible to have a better response to cold work, with increased mechanical strength - which allows it to be used in severe forming operations, avoiding cracks and premature ruptures.

In general, the most used steels are type 304, with 17% chromium and 8% nickel, which have excellent toughness, formability and ductility.

They are similar to carbon and low alloy steels. Due to the addition of the carbon, they can be hardened and have increased strength by heat treatment, in the same way as carbon steels.

The main element of the alloy is chromium, with a content between 12 and 15%. By increasing the carbon content, the potential for strength and hardness is also increased, but tenacity and ductility are reduced.

They have a structure similar to pure iron at room temperature and chromium is present in contents ranging from 11 to 17%. The carbon content is kept low, which results in a steel with a limited mechanical resistance.

These steels are of the low cost type but have limited corrosion resistance, as well as a limitation in formability, toughness, weldability and ductility.

Precipitation hardenable
They exhibit good ductility and toughness depending on the heat treatment used and their corrosion resistance is comparable to that of austenitic steel. They can be welded more easily than ordinary martensitic steel and are widely used in aerospace applications.

They have a mixed structure of austenite and ferrite and thus possess the basic characteristics of both. They are hardenable by thermal processes, but are not harder than ferritic and austenitic steels.

This type of stainless steel can be used in projects with thinner sections, but its main advantage is the greater resistance to corrosion under tension.

Why choose MB Group for the manufacture of stainless steel part?
Stainless steel parts have many uses in different types of industry, but to produce them according to the needs and specifications of each application it is essential to know the basic characteristics of stainless steel.

At MB Group, you will find highly skilled professionals with extensive experience and know-how, which ensures better designed and executed projects - according to your needs and requirements.

To guarantee the quality of the stainless steel parts, we have a strict control, with specific laboratories and modern processes, which count on cutting-edge technology.

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