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Special Alloys

Special Alloys

The special alloys are those having a base of nickel and iron, but which also have other elements capable of providing superior properties to the various types of steel, supporting, for example, extreme mechanical and corrosive stresses.

In general, items made with special alloys have various applications such as in the electronics, hospital, automotive, petrochemical, chemical and even aerospace industries.

Special alloys are widely used for the manufacture of gas turbines, internal combustion valves and even surgical implants.

What are the main characteristics of special alloys?
The characteristics of the alloys will depend greatly on the elements used, as well as the applications thereof.
Some of the most used alloys are:

Niobium and tantalum;






In general, the alloys have some basic characteristics such as:

Higher corrosion resistance;

Resistance to high temperature;

Low thermal expansion.

What types of special alloys and their uses?

Some of the most commonly used special alloys are:

Titanium alloys: used for applications in the pulp and paper industry, chemical and petrochemical and aeronautics.

Nickel alloys: they can also be called "superalloys" and require ovens and special equipment for their manufacture. This alloy has excellent resistance to corrosion, oxidation and mechanical stresses associated with high temperatures. They are widely applied in the chemical and oil and gas industry.

Cobalt alloys: these are special alloys used for applications requiring unique conditions of abrasion and temperature.

Anti-abrasion alloys: they are widely used in the paper and cellulose, cement, railroad, mining and steel industries.

Copper alloys: have physical characteristics such as thermal and electrical conductivity that make them very used in the electro-electronic industries and for the manufacture of auto parts. Copper-nickel alloys are still widely used in the oil and gas industry and in applications for piping and connections in firefighting systems on ships and platforms.

Why choose MB Group when it comes to special alloys?
We have already noticed that special alloys demand specific knowledge of the materials and methods used, guaranteeing the correct choice and application of the alloy according to the needs and demands of the customer's industry.

At MB Group we have the best professionals in the market, with know-how and technical expertise, as well as cutting-edge technology - which guarantees a superior quality in all our productions.

We have specific laboratories for each of our parts to be analyzed and tested, all to ensure the final quality and perfect use of each item manufactured by us.

If you are looking for a serious casting company that works with special alloys, ask for a quote now!

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