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Ceramic Core

Ceramic Core


        The Ceramic core, consists of a ceramic piece that provides an internal cavity, generally complex and not easily acquired in the microfused metal part. The leaked steel around the mechanical core is usually related to a high temperature, so it is necessary that there is no sudden change in its dimensions and still suppose the high process temperatures. Investment Casting presents great advantages compared to the conventional casting process, reducing the machining volume, improving the visual finish of the product, with guarantee and technical security of the metal part.

        The Investment Casting process begins with the manufacture of the injection tooling, which we produce in our own tooling, with the latest equipment, to manufacture a mold that allows: productivity, speed and low final cost, we initially inject the piece into special wax to allow for minimum tolerances and perfect finish. We coated the bunch with balanced refractory layers, for the formation of the ceramic mold that has been deposited and calcined at high temperature. It receives the liquid metal previously analyzed, and approved by our laboratories, thus guaranteeing all the chemical elements required by the metal. We also have in our industrial area two Division Plants, Investment Casting and Sand Casting.

         We produce parts in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, CF8 (304), CF8M (316), DUPLEX 4A, 5A, 6A, Special alloys, White Iron and others, we manufacture pieces of up to 300 kgs, by the process Cold cure, Pep Set.

        We have own Modeling and Tooling, thus ensuring the correct Dimension of the part. We produce finished parts Treated and machined. Machining sector has CNC machines, capable of guaranteeing the quality of the finished part thus avoiding natural wear and loss of time for the customer with outsourced services.

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