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Microfusion - Lost Wax

Microfusion - Lost Wax

The microfusion process presents a great advantage compared to the conventional casting process, reducing the machining volume, improving the visual finish of the product, with guarantee and technical safety of the metal part.

The manufacturing of a microfused part starts with the manufacturing of the injection tooling, which we produce in our own tooling with state-of-the-art equipment, to manufacture a mold that allows productivity, speed, precision and low final cost.

Initially we inject the piece in special wax to allow minimum tolerances and perfect finish. We put these pieces together in a filling channel that we call a tree or a cluster.

We coated the bunch with refractory layers, stoichiometrically balanced, thus forming the ceramic mold, which after unclogging and calcining at high temperature, receives the liquid metal previously analyzed, thus guaranteeing all the chemical elements required by the metal.

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