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Industrial Valves

Industrial Valves

          We manufacture SPHERE VALVES, or BALL VALVES, two-piece, three-piece ball valves, with leaked latch that works with two Seats, needing only 1/4 of a turn for its closing or opening. We manufacture Tripartite Ball Valves with Full and Low Passage, for Low, Medium and High Pressure, our product guarantees excellent sealing. They are used to block Liquid, Steam, Compressed Air and gases. We produce, Steel Carbon, Stainless Steel, (CF8 - CF8M) and other Special Alloys.

         Quality Control has a team of highly qualified professionals, specialized in the Production Process, Foundry and Microfusions. Monitoring the Castings through Chemical Analysis, Optical Emission Spectrometer, the latest generation equipment in the chemical analysis of Cast Metal, thus guaranteeing total final quality of the product.

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